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Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University


Dear Сolleagues,

We welcome you to join the GSOM Emerging Markets Conference – 2021!

The year 2021 and pandemic have posed tremendous challenges to economies and societies worldwide. The very nature of the global connectedness of people, organizations and countries has thus been called into question. The new world order manifests itself not only in restrictions on mobility, collapse in investment and disruptions in value chains. It also offers promising new technologies, increasing work automation and new employment constellations that need to be critically assessed. The consequences of pandemic will most likely persist for the years to come, especially for companies that engage in international activities. We believe that scholars and practitioners of management and international business are the ones who can creatively and multidisciplinary make sense of and navigate the major global trends.

One of the outcomes of the current megatrends is the shift of economic power towards China, India and other emerging markets that become the new hubs of global economic activities and effective participants in overcoming the pandemic crisis. There is thus an ever increasing need to illuminate on the emerging markets debate in the frame of the mainstream international business and management discussions. We invite you to have this debate with major scholars in the field at the 8th GSOM Emerging Markets Conference 2021. As a business school hosted by the Russian university with more than 300 years history, and representing one of the BRICS countries, GSOM has the insider position here. At GSOM Emerging Markets Conference 2021 scholars and practitioners can closely look at the emerging market context for the management and business studies.

EMC 2021 Welcome by Program Committee Vice-Chairman Professor Andrei Y. Panibratov.

Paper submission is now open. Please find attached EMC 2021 official Call for Papers and Guidelines for Authors. Submission form is now available on the conference web-page.

We are pleased to inform you that this year we have a remarkable Program Committee Chairman and keynote speaker Tatiana Kostova, Carolina Distinguished Professor and Back Mickel Chair of International Business at the University of South Carolina, with major research contributions and more than 21,000 Google Scholar citations in the area of MNC Management and Global Strategy.

Managing Diverse Talent in a Divided World track will be organized in collaboration with EUMMAS HRM research center.

We are glad to invite you to GSOM EMC 2021 Doctoral Colloquium as well. Doctoral students at any stage of their studies and doctoral thesis development are welcome for participation. Working language is English.


The Doctoral Colloquium program is designed as a strong blend of theory, its application and detailed feedback for all doctoral students presenting their research. The Colloquium provides a platform for learning and constructive discussion for doctoral students to achieve progress in preparing high quality thesis and publications.


This year The Colloquium will be organized during two days: Intensive learning session with Professor Tatiana Kostova (day 1) and Paper development workshop with thorough feedback and discussions (day 2).

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EMC-2021 Organizing Committee