Workshops and Seminars


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Therefore, we at EUMMAS design and organize a variety of workshops emphasizing problem-solving and hand-on training, accompanied by a practical demonstration. Also, we provide a friendly environment requesting the full involvement of our participants.


One of the factors that characterise successful organizations is their ability to develop their human resources. The greatest asset and the weakest link in nearly every organization are the same: employees. The skills and abilities of your workforce can provide the competitive advantage your organization needs to survive. Attending our seminars assures a fun and easy way for you to improve your knowledge. We provide customers with information that will help you choose the right tools that are crucial to your productivity.

EUMMAS brings in-company business training to your organization. Our in-company seminars are customized to your industry and training goals. Trainers are specifically chosen based on their expertise and understanding of your training needs.

EUMMAS in-company business training programs:

  • address issues specifically related to the organization.
  • include specially designed cases and exercises, which apply to the client’s situation.
  • enable the organization to select the proper mix of participants to ensure maximum benefit.
  • build team spirit among