Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Calin D. Oros

Prof. Dr. Calin D. Oros

High Academic Advisor for Accreditation Process and Quality Assurance | Former Rector | President of the Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Vojislav Bozanic

Prof. Dr. Vojislav Bozanic

Quality Management Standards Consultant I President of the Accreditation Committee
Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Jovic

Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Jovic

Professor I Former Dean I Consultant
Prof. Dr. Dragutin Gutic

Prof. Dr. Dragutin Gutic

Member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Tomislav Sesic

Tomislav Sesic

Professional Development Consultant I Director

(1) The role of the Advisory Board is to offer assistance to the leadership with anything from marketing to managing human resources, finances, etc. It is composed of recognized experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. The Advisory Board members provide the Association with knowledge, understanding, and strategic thinking.

(2) The Advisory board members:

  • provide wise counsel on issues raised by directors,
  • provide unbiased information, insights, and ideas from a third point-of-view, 
  • encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas,
  • act as a resource for directors,
  • help directors avoid group thinking and give direction on big picture issues,
  • impose challenges to directors and management that could improve the business.

(3) The Advisory board members may, if they wish, participate in events, ongoing projects, or any other activity.

(4) The participation in the Board is on a pro bono basis. However, the members who take part in different activities such as EUMMAS events (as keynote speakers, session chairs, or similar), training, or projects are remunerated for their effort. In such cases, the Association bears the travel and accommodation costs and provide per diem allowance and compensation for the work and time invested. 

(5) President of the Advisory Board is a member of the Accreditation Committee.

(6) An individual qualifies for the Advisory Board Membership if he/she:

  • is invited to join the Board by the Association, and 
  • is a recognized expert.

(7) The maximum number of members in the Advisory Board is nine. Members and the President of the Advisory Board are elected by the President of the Association.

(8) The Advisory Board meets, in general, biannually, in December and June. The meetings are organized via video conferencing.  

(9) The membership in the Advisory Board is for six years and members can be re-elected after that period again. It can be terminated by the Member at any time. It can also be terminated by the Association in case of misconduct. 

The regular meeting is scheduled for:

Date: 7 December 2020

Time: 18.00 (CET)

Application: ZOOM

Link: Available from 1 December 2020.

The Advisory Board Members are welcome to attend the meeting of the Honorary Board scheduled for 7 October 2020, CET 18:00.