Become an ATCC

Why should you become an ATCC?


Become a EUMMAS Approved Training and Certification Centre (ATCC) and provide our training programs and certification to your customers. This type of partnership is suitable for training centres, in-house training departments, professional associations as well as HE institutions (such as executive education centres)

Upon successful completion of each training program, the trainee will receive a Certificate of Professional Training from EUMMAS.

Your organisation will benefit, depending on the type of your clients, from:

  • High-Quality Standards
  • Corporate Image
  • Employee Motivation and Retention
  • Positive Impact on Recruiters
  • Participation at EUMMAS events including our conferences, Train-the-trainer events, and more.


How to become a EUMMAS ATCC?


To become an ATCC your organisation has to go through our in-depth  Accreditation Process which is done through three steps:

Step 1. Application Fill in the form,  attach requested documents and submit your application along with the application fee € 980 (once you submit the application, you will receive the invoice; download payment instructions).

Step 2. Evaluation The Committee conducts an off-site review of the submitted application documents. If need be, the Committee may ask for additional documents to be filed. The Committee reviews and validates all documents and makes a recommendation to the President.

Step 3. Decision If successful, your organisation will become an Approved Training Centre. As an ATCC, you will be able to display EUMMAS’s approved training centre logo on your website, printed documents and in your advertising materials.

Upon acceptance, your institution will be accredited for 1 to 5 years depending on the outcome of the accreditation process.  The centre will need to go through a re-accreditation process before completion of the accredited period.


How is the training/certification process done?


The training process is initiated by the ATCC  that is responsible for all aspects of on-site and off-site training organisation:

  • Local legal requirements,
  • Promotional activities,
  • Student/client recruitment,
  • Trainer recruitment and training,
  • Venue and material preparation,
  • Implementation of the training,
  • All expenses that occur prior, during and after the training.

ATCC organises only licensed training programs and in accordance with EUMMAS program curricula and description.

Annual ATCC fee is € 980. Partner institutions that have signed an agreement of cooperation with EUMMAS are entitled to a discount of 50%.

ATCC pays to EUMMAS 30% of the price advertised on the EUMMAS website for each candidate. Partner institutions pay 15%.

The ATCC sends EUMMAS candidates registration form and payment at least 15 days before the training start date.

EUMMAS issues a Certificate of Professional Training for each enrolled candidate with the name of the program details. If more programs are taken, then all programs are listed on the same certificate.

EUMMAS will occasionally and on its own cost conduct routine unannounced on-site inspections.

The Certification process: ATCC acts as a partner in certifying the candidates. Partnering, in this case, means:

  • recruiting candidates,
  • collecting and inspecting documents required for certification,
  • delivering documentation to the EUMMAS,
  • bare all expenses that may occur prior, during and after the certification process.

ATCC receives 50% of the price for this service.

All certificates can be authenticated online (read more).