EUMMAS Women’s Forum

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild

More than half the world population is women. Many of them even now in the 21st-century struggle to exercise their full human rights. Women are particularly vulnerable in times of global crises and in developing countries. However, even in developed countries, there is no gender equality in matters of professional opportunities and equal pay. Women are underrepresented in top management positions and often victims of unfair selection. Empowering women and providing them with access to quality education and skills training has never been so important. 

It includes the ability to participate equally in markets, and have access and control over productive resources, decent work, personal time, as well as meaningful participation in decision-making processes at all levels, from the local companies to international institutions. The EUMMAS Women Forum is an organization dedicated to highlighting women’s voices and benefits on academic and business issues. With the support of all EUMMAS members, we will create global influence by empowering women with a sense of purpose and leadership to address numerous business and academic issues. We believe in women leaders’ unique capacity to create a positive impact on future trends for the better.

EUMMAS Women Forum represents a network of influential individuals from both business and related academic areas.

Forum is a perfect place for networking, learning, discussions, and engagement.

Membership in the forum provides:

  • Networking and connection to business partners worldwide
  • Free webinars
  • Discounts for the Association’s events
  • Visibility (individual/institutional) in the EUMMAS network
  • Women empowerment through discussions and workshops.

EUMMAS WF’s aim is to represent and advocate for the interests and concerns of women from business and academia from all around the world.

Join us to build the ambitions for the better tomorrow.