Facts and Figures

History and Goals

Established in 2007, the European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS) is a professional body dedicated to advancing research and education in marketing and management domains. EUMMAS serves as a platform for academics, practitioners, and policymakers to exchange ideas and foster collaboration in these disciplines.

EUMMAS provides various benefits to its members, such as publishing academic journals, organizing conferences, workshops, and granting access to research and educational materials. Additionally, the association advocates for policies that enhance the marketing and management professions globally.

Comprising members from diverse backgrounds worldwide, including academics, researchers, business professionals, and students passionate about marketing and management, EUMMAS is committed to promoting excellence and fostering innovation in these fields. It actively supports the continuous professional growth of its members.

The EUMMAS goals and objectives are:

Scientific and professional research in the field of marketing and management,

Education of marketing, management and other business professionals,

Improvement of the quality of management and marketing practices in developing countries,

Promotion the importance of effective management as a component of global competitiveness,

Creating a professional and academic network aimed at sharing knowledge and experience,

Establishing a platform for effective dialogue and cooperation between educational institutions and the business sector and

Representation of membership interests towards other institutions.

To achieve its goals, EUMMAS in particular:

Collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of marketing and management,

Organizes, alone or in association with other organizations, professional conferences, consultations, seminars and other forms of vocational education in this field,

Publishes books, magazines and other publications on marketing and management, following the law,

Organize students, students, scientific and professional workers to work on scientific, professional and research projects in the field of marketing and management,

Helps businesses in achieving their goals,

Cooperates with universities, colleges, secondary vocational schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad dealing with marketing and management.

Our Mission and Vision

As we grow and change our mission and vision change too.

Our mission is simple – we are connecting leaders.

We believe that putting together businesses and academia i.e. companies, professionals, teachers, and students is the key to providing continuous personal, professional and social growth and development.

Our vision is to become a leader in providing high-end service and support to our stakeholders worldwide.

Organisational Chart

Key Facts

Three Forums: Youth Forum, Women’s Forum, and Global Development Forum 

Two Consortia: Business Consortium, and Academic Consortium 

10 Research Centers:

  1. Center for Marketing Research
  2. Center for Human Resources Management
  3. Center for Strategic Management
  4. Center for Nonprofit Organisations
  5. Center for Public Policy and Administration
  6. Center for Financial Management
  7. Center for Hospitality and Tourism Management
  8. Euroasian Logistics Research Center
  9. Center for Renewable Energy
  10. Digital Marketing Research Center

45 Training Programs

60 Certification Programs

Two Magazines

Registration Details

Registration Number: F-1-109/07
ID Number: 11023932
Tax Number: 44 02 678 830 009
NACE: 94.12
PIC: 898549995


At EUMMAS we are proud to say that we are connecting leaders. EUMMAS offers many opportunities for potential partners. You can benefit from networking with us in terms of growing your organisation’s market presence in the fast transforming business world.

Why connecting with us?

  • Networking opportunities and connections by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people/ organisations and potential clients and/or customers,
  • Increased organisational confidence,
  • New business opportunities and boosted revenue,
  • Shared knowledge and experience and continuous learning process allowing you to gain new knowledge while interacting with others,
  • Delegate your experts to participate in different EUMMAS teams.

Partnering with EUMMAS is possible through:

  • Representing EUMMAS in your country,
  • The mutual organisation of events (conferences, seminars, round-tables, etc),
  • Student development programs,
  • Joint research projects,
  • Participation in EU projects,
  • Consulting activities.

We are also open to all other proposals that might be interesting for you or your organisation. In all cases, we welcome your initiative and look forward to learning more about you.