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History and Goals


The “European Marketing and Management Association” was founded on 25/05/2007 as a professional, non-governmental and non-profit association whose goals and objectives are:

  1. Scientific and professional research in the field of marketing and


  2. Education of marketing, management and other business professionals,
  3. Improving the quality of management and marketing practices in developing countries,
  4. Promoting the importance of effective management as a component of global competitiveness,
  5. Creating a professional and academic network aimed at sharing knowledge and experience,
  6. Establishing a platform for effective dialogue and cooperation between educational institutions and the business sector and
  7. Representation of membership interests towards other institutions.

To achieve its goals, EUMMAS in particular:

  1. Collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of marketing and management,
  2. Organizes, alone or in association with other organizations, professional conferences, consultations, seminars and other forms of vocational education in this field,
  3. Publishes books, magazines and other publications on marketing and management, following the law,
  4. Organize students, students, scientific and professional workers to work on scientific, professional and research projects in the field of marketing and management,
  5. Helping businesses in achieving their goals,
  6. Cooperates with universities, colleges, secondary vocational schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad dealing with marketing and management.

Our Mission and Vision


As we grow and change our mission and vision change too.

Our mission is simple – we are connecting leaders.

We believe that putting together professionals, teachers, students and companies is the key to providing continuous personal, professional and social growth and development.

Our vision is to become a leader in providing high-end service and support to our clients worldwide.


Registration Details


  • Registration number F-1-109/07
  • ID number: 11023932
  • Tax number: 44 02 678 830 009
  • PIC number: 898549995


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