Certificate Authentication

This applies to both, Training Certificates and Professional Certification

Check the authenticity of a training or professional certification certificate awarded by EUMMAS

Most of us need to complete a training program for a better job or a promotion. EUMMAS wishes to provide proof for an employer or other institution that you have successfully completed a training program organised by us. In this way, we want to protect our ATCCs, EUMMAS, trainees and employers and make it possible for all of them to authenticate the presented certificate.

How to do that?

Each certificate has a code which consists of a certain number of letters and digits. The form of a Certificate code is given in the certificate in the form of URL, for example:


To authenticate the certificate type in the address bar the given URL on the certificate.


What will you see?

The link must display the certificate that the candidate received upon professional certification or completion of training. So, it must be the same certificate that is presented by the candidate to the employer.


If you do not see the same certificate, it means that the certificate is not authentical. In that case, we would appreciate if you inform us and send a copy of the presented certificate to office@eummas.net