Certificate Authentication

Check the authenticity of certificates awarded by EUMMAS

Online certificate authentication ensures the verification of the authenticity and integrity of digital certificates. It allows the recipient of a certificate to confirm that the certificate has been issued by a trusted authority and has not been tampered with.

How to do that?

Each certificate has its ID/Number which consists of letters and digits, for example:


To authenticate the certificate type in the address bar after https://eummas.net/ the certificate ID.

What will you see?

The link must display the certificate that the candidate received from EUMMAS.

If you do not see THE SAME certificate, it means that the presented certificate is not authentical. In that case, we would appreciate if you inform us and send a copy to office@eummas.net  


Certificates issued starting from 01.01.2023 are authenticated at https://certificate.eummas.net