Honorary Board

– Terms and Privileges –

(1) An Honorary Board is an elite group of academics and business leaders who are willing to support the work of EUMMAS. The Board is made up of eminent community members who are committed to the Association’s mission and goals.

(2) Members utilize their community image in order to help promote and support the Association. In return, members will be recognized generously in the Association’s materials including the promo materials, website, and social media outlets.

(3) The Board meetings are held once a year in person and/or via video conferencing. The members are not required to attend them but are encouraged and welcome.

(4) The Honorary Board Members benefit from:

  • attending EUMMAS events free of charge upon invitation by the President of EUMMAS;
  • being recognized at the annual conference;
  • receiving a EUMMAS plaque;
  • being provided with a letter/certificate indicating the status;
  • enjoying all membership benefits except hold office and vote;
  • having the opportunity to network with business professionals and leaders;
  • being recognised in press releases and media;
  • being presented on the Association’s website;
  • having opportunities to make a positive impact in the community;
  • having opportunities to participate in different projects and events;
  • having opportunities to use the brand “EUMMAS” for their professional purpose (i.e. consulting activities), upon the written approval of the President.

(5) The participation in the Board is on a pro bono basis. However, the members who take part in different activities such as EUMMAS events (as keynote speakers, session chairs, or similar), training or projects are remunerated for their effort. In such cases, the Association bears the travel and accommodation costs and provide per diem allowance and compensation for the work and time invested.

(6) An individual qualifies for Honorary Board Membership if he/she:

  • is invited to join the Board by the Association or recommended by a Board member*;
  • has made significant contributions to science;
  • is regarded to have made significant contributions to the profession and have served the industry with distinction and honour;
  • has occupied a responsible position, research or practice or having demonstrated professional interest in Marketing or Management;
  • is employed in a recognised institution.

(7) The Honorary Board Members:

  • elect the Honorary Board Chairman and five Vice-Chairmen;
  • suggest possible nominees to the Board;
  • advocate and act as an ambassador of the Association;
  • attend board meetings and events when possible;
  • serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments if they wish;
  • suggest certain activities and help implement them.

(8) The Chairman ensures that the Board meets at least once a year and function properly. He/she prepares materials for the meetings and facilitate the preparations. Five Vice-Chairmen provide help upon request. The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen are welcome to initiate and suggest activities.

(9) The Board members are informed via closed groups about the activities of the Association and are welcome to participate.

(10) The mandate in the Board is for four years and can be extended.

(11) The number of Honorary Board members is not limited.

(12) Honorary Board members are not allowed to take any financial or any other obligations towards third persons on behalf of the Association.

(13) Honorary Board members are not allowed to use brand EUMMAS and the membership status in the Board when communicating any sensitive issues including but not limited to religion, race, gender, minorities, politics etc.


*Individuals who are invited by the Association or recommended by a Board member need to register here.