A2S® EUMMAS Concept


Academe2Society – A2S® EUMMAS Concept is a concept developed by EUMMAS formulating a unique and innovative approach in cooperation between Academia and Society. Previous concept Academia2Business (A2B) set the Association on the path to the new more inclusive and innovative concept. The approach comprises of series of actions, involving all relevant stakeholders, that proceed the main event of activity.

Parties Involved
  • Research Centers
  • AC institutions
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Public Administration and Governmental Bodies
  • Companies and C-Level Executives
  • Teachers (including secondary commercial/business schools)
  • Students at all study levels
  • Improve and motivate research
  • Provide more meaningful conference topics
  • Provide useful findings for the industry and decision making authorities
  • Further branding of members of research teams, EUMMAS and AC member institutions
  • Higher visibility and employability of students