Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual to assure qualification and competencies to perform a job or task. It is an added value for the individual, for the organisation and the society in general. It enables you to position yourself better and be more competitive in the fast-changing and very dynamic and demanding market. Investing in yourself is the best way to show your employer that your best quality is the will to change and improve your knowledge. We invite you to explore the certification programs below and choose one which suits your professional needs best.

Certification helps you:

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Stand out of the crowd – be more visible to prospective employers.
  • Add value for yourself, the organization and society.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the competencies and knowledge most relevant to employers.
  • Position yourself better and be more competitive in the fast-changing and very dynamic and demanding market.
  • Show your employer that your best quality is the will to change and improve your knowledge continuously.

Fields of Certification

In alphabetical order…

AdvertisingFacility ManagementProcurement Management
Agricultural ManagementHealthcare ManagementProduction Management
BankingHospitality ManagementProgram Management
Brand ManagementHR ManagementProject Management
Buyer & Consumer BehaviorInnovation ManagementPublic Relations
Business CoachingInsurancePublic Sector Management
Business ConsultingInternational ManagementQuality Management
Change ManagementInternational MarketingR&D Management
Client RelationsIT ManagementRecruitment
Content MarketingKnowledge ManagementRestaurant Management
Customer ExperienceManagementRisk Management
Design ManagementMarket ResearchSales Management
Digital MarketingMarketingService Management
E-CommerceMarketing CommunicationSpa Management
Educational ManagementMarketing ManagementSports & Recreation Man.
Engineering ManagementMarketing StrategyStrategic Management
Environmental ManagementNon-Profit ManagementSupply Chain Management
Entrepreneurial Man.Operations ManagementTalent Management
Event ManagementPharmaceutical ManagementTraining & Development
Financial ManagementProcess ManagementTourism Management

Levels of Certification

The Certification is based on your level of education, work experience and personal learning & development activities. The initial certification is based on your work experience and education. There are no additional exams. To be eligible you must have a diploma/degree and  work-experience related to the desired certification. Combination of degrees and informal training is allowed as well. For re-certification candidates need to meet below-described criteria. The procedure is completed within 14 working days.


No foreign language skills are required since all required certification and re-certification programs can be completed in your language.

Application and Audit

All applications are subject of a random audit to ensure compliance with EUMMAS certification requirements. When applying candidates must provide the following supporting documents IN ONE PDF DOCUMENT:

  • Copy of your degree or diploma.
  • Work experience proof issued by the employer, stamped and signed with the official job description on the company letterhead (for higher levels of certification).
  • Your most recent photo.
  • Proof of payment (request an  invoice if you need it or download payment instructions here).

The documents (translated into ENGLISH) must be uploaded during the application process.


Re-certification benefits you as a professional. To get re-certified you have to demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and development. Life-Long Learning (LLL) is crucial for every individual to remain competitive. For re-certification, you have to attend a PDS and obtain certain number of points (see Re-certification Points Table). It is up to you what program to choose (except PDS that is organised by EUMMAS) as long as the program is related to the field of certification and carried out by a recognised educational/training institution.

Re-certification process can be started once you meet the requirements described above. To maintain continuity of your certification, it is recommended to start re-certification at least one month prior to the end of the certification period.

To re-certify, you have to fill out the online re-certification form, upload proof of LLL (attendance report or certificate) activity that you had and pay re-certification fee. The attendance report/certificate/statement must contain, besides the usual details of the training institution,  the following details:

  • your name and surname
  • name of the institution that organised the training
  • dates when the training is held
  • duration of the training in hours
  • the title of the training


Once the procedure is finished, you are issued a Certificate stating the level and field of certification.

_____________ (Level of Certification) in_____________ (Field of Certification)

e.g. Senior Professional in Sales Management

Certificate Authentication 

Check the authenticity of certificates awarded by EUMMAS

Online certificate authentication ensures the verification of the authenticity and integrity of digital certificates. It allows the recipient of a certificate to confirm that the certificate has been issued by a trusted authority and has not been tampered with.

How to do that?

Each certificate has its ID/Number which consists of letters and digits, for example:


To authenticate the certificate type in the address bar after https://eummas.net/ the certificate ID.


What will you see?

The link must display the certificate that the candidate received from EUMMAS.

If you do not see THE SAME certificate, it means that the presented certificate is not authentical. In that case, we would appreciate if you inform us and send a copy to office@eummas.net  


Certificates issued starting from 01.01.2023 are authenticated at https://certificate.eummas.net

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