Vacancy Announcement: University Lecturer / Professors (Business School) Online & face-to-face

Institution: ICM – Institute of Customer Management, London Area, United Kingdom 

Vacancy Announcement: Teaching positions


The Institute focuses on the promotion of best practices in the management of customers. The Institute aims to provide a platform whereby best practices in the industry are linked with the best practices in research. The Institute’s Graduate Programmes is headed by a former Harvard professor.

ICM has developed one of the most exciting and innovative MBA programmes in the world. The programme has been designed outside-in, with a focus on practical management learning. The MBA programme has two key components, modules (courses) and masterclasses and workshops. We are looking for people who can deliver either of these two.

Our modules are taught through intensive teaching over a week, alternating, in various cities around the globe (Berlin, Boston, Doha, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore) The modules are also taught online over several weeks. The masterclasses and workshops are taught over a weekend (2 days). Students have an opportunity to attend some or all of the modules and workshops in-person or online.

We are seeking professionals with expertise in the following areas:

Strategy / Management
Marketing & Digital Marketing
Project Management
Leadership & HRM
CSR & Sustainability
International Business
Finance & Accounting
Business Applications of AI
Information Systems

Since this is a practitioner focused programme, we are looking for faculty with practical real world experience. The minimum qualification for faculty is a master’s degree, however a PhD is strongly preferred. The idea candidate will be able to combine real world experience and relate to the classroom. We are looking for candidates who will be able to bring in exciting and applied methods of learning, such as using business simulations.


Up to £3,000 (depending on qualification and experience), for a 1 week in-person or 12-week online module. The renumeration includes developing the module, assessment and marking.

Up to £1,500 for a two day in-person (or 4 days online) masterclass / workshop. The remuneration includes developing the workshop/masterclass.


To find out more about the ICM MBA, please visit: