Time Management

The Program covers the following topics:

  • Time Management Model
  • Completing a Time Audit and Log
  • Time Management Analysis Worksheets
  • Delegation vs. Job Assignment
  • Avoiding Reverse Delegation
  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  • Identifying Time Guzzlers
  • What Not to Delegate
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Balancing Your Goals
  • Setting and Prioritizing Your Goals
  • Steps to Achieve your Goals

Duration: 2 days

Location: In-house


  • Face-to-face interaction (Trainee2Trainer and Trainee2Trainee)
  • The real-time commitment to action
  • Life skills practice with feedback
  • Case studies/role-plays/scenarios
  • Video materials
  • Training class size: 14-18


Country Specific Rates apply.


A Training Certificate is awarded.

For a group of five modules, a mini-MBA certificate (non-degree) is awarded.

Program revised: 30/01/2022