Sponsorship is a form of advertising in which companies donate financial means to be associated with certain events or organizations.

When sponsoring EUMMAS, your company can benefit in many ways. Sponsorships can:

  • enhance a company’s image and visibility;
  • give employees a reason to be proud of the company, which increases loyalty and employee satisfaction and happiness;
  • showcase products and services;
  • help position the products in the marketplace;
  • boost sales as they improve the community through the events they support;
  • differentiate the company from competitors;
  • generate new business through the contacts;
  • help develop closer relationships with current and prospective customers;
  • help companies become linked in consumers’ minds; and
  • help a company achieve visibility as a good community citizen.


As an owner/CEO you will:

  • widen your professional network;
  • be perceived as an internationally recognized and respected leader and further boost your image;
  • ensure additional growth and benefits for your company;
  • participate as an honourable guest/speaker at internationally organized events;
  • obtain corporate membership for your company;
  • get free training for your employees;
  • become a member of the Business Board;
  • get special recognition on our website (sponsors section) and all printed materials (unless you decide not to);
  • receive a special package of benefits (to be negotiated).


You can sponsor:

  • different events, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, through different types of sponsorship;
  • membership, accreditation, or other costs related to quality improvement, implementation, or assurance;
  • scholarships;
  • student case study competitions;
  • free junior training programs;
  • teacher training programs;
  • procurement of new technologies or other material or technical assets;
  • publishing activities;
  • any other activity that you deem important and useful for the Association and its members.


Bronze 10.000
Silver 15.000
Gold 25.000
Platinum 35.000
Diamond 50.000