Research Network

Center for Marketing Research 

Center for Marketing Research (CMR) provides high quality, affordable marketing assistance utilizing faculty, students, and expert practitioners. The Center offers market analysis, branding, new product development, customer satisfaction studies, feasibility studies, promotion, political marketing, and customized projects. However, a strong focus is placed on research and networking. Our partner institutions and their young researchers, doctoral and MBA students, enjoy the privilege of working together with colleagues from other countries and universities, benefiting from participating in various joint research and project activities.

Center for Human Resources Management 

Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) is becoming a recognized center of excellence in HR education, research, and practice. We have developed a strong and reputable network of executives, faculty, and students who work together to create value for industries and the field. CHRM provides a platform for innovative research and training and builds bridges between science and practice. 

Center for Strategic Management

Centre for Strategic Management (CESEM) offers consulting services, targeted seminars, and in-house programs focus on the relevant points of strategic thinking and acting. We carry out research in strategy process and organisational change, corporate transformation and social responsibility and strategy implementation. Besides, we recognize and prioritize opportunities for personal growth, build and lead effective teams and work with CEO, executives and boards.

Center for Management of Nonprofit Organisations

Center for Management of Nonprofit Organisations (CEMNO) helps organizations make a difference. We provide expertise, partnerships, and tools that will enable you to focus on your mission and work. We research and consult in the areas: NPO leadership, nonprofit operations, community impact, and revenue development. Researchers, students and professional work together to help you find creative solutions customized for your organization’s needs. 

Center for Public Policy and Administration

Center for Public Policy and Administration (CEPPA) serves the community through education and training, consultancy, and helping organisations plan and shape the future needs. The Center offers a range of management consultancy services designed to help organisations with the development and achievement of their objectives. Areas of expertise are national, regional and local government management, management advisory services, taxation, budgeting, crisis management, public sector marketing, and public sector finances.  

Center for Hospitality and Tourism Management

Center for Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM) aims to make a significant contribution to the industry both in the public and private sectors. We appreciate teamwork and our clients are supported by our experts and students who together create new products and services. We blend knowledge from a range of disciplines and offer it through different research, training and consulting activities.