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Director of a Research Center


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The Director reports to the Academic Consortium Vice President for Research and performs leadership role in the Research Center.

The Research Centers are key organizational units of the Academic Consortium, each led by an appointed Director with accountability for the strategic leadership and development.

The position is on a voluntary, pro bono basis, although members who participate in funded activities by third party institutions are remunerated as planned within the project.  

The Director of a Research Center shall normally be appointed for a term of two years, with possibility for reappointment for next four years.

A Research Center Director will be a research leader, capable of maintaining the confidence and cooperation of research center members; creating and managing effectively and efficiently the research program of the research center; and creating an environment conducive to intellectual and research growth of members, with an emphasis on your researchers and PhD and master students.


Develop and deliver a compelling, cohesive and ambitious plan and vision for the Center, aligned to EUMMAS strategic objectives.

Lead, develop and motivate members of the Center, engendering a culture of excellence, accountability and transparency, including responsibility for the personal development and performance management of academic staff within the Center.

Work closely with the Project Task Group in achieving income generation targets from research funding agencies and institutions.

Work closely with the Scientific Committee and the Editorial Board of the AC in supporting their activities.

Encourage Member Institutions to participate in projects and research activities, especially those involving young researchers and doctoral students.


Only members of the research Centers or AC member institutions can be considered for the position of the Director.